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Disclaimer - Please Read Before Attending Your Treatment

Hello to my clients - old and new. 

There is a fair bit to read here but for your safety and to give you an understanding of how my profession works, please do take the time to have a read. It is ideal for you to read this before attending your first treatment. 

As with all complementary and alternative therapies, none of the therapies and treatments listed on this website or in any marketing literature are meant to be a replacement for any medical diagnosis, treatment or specialist care from your Medical Practitioner / GP / or Hospital Consultant.

The therapist (Karlyn) will always will work within the parameters of the complementary therapy profession and as such, will never diagnose client’s conditions, nor will the therapist ever interfere with a doctor’s prescribed treatment/s. 

If you are currently receiving medical care and are taking prescribed medication by your GP / Medical Practitioner / Consultant, please inform your therapist of this at consultation stage. Your therapist may need to contact your GP with your permission for help and advice before proceeding with the treatment. 

If you have any concerns regarding your professional medical care, or your medical condition, it is advisable that you seek the advice of your GP / Doctor /  Consultant / Nurse Practitioner.

If you are interested in trying an alternative Complementary holistic therapy then please always book a treatment with the therapist as a full consultation will be carried out and an appropriate treatment plan will then be discussed, arranged and carried out if the client is happy to do so and the therapist is happy that it is safe to proceed with the treatment. If a client or potential client chooses to treat their own condition using any of the information from this website or any marketing literature available, they do so at their own choosing and risk.

The therapist accepts no responsibility for any loss or damages caused as a direct or indirect result of the use or misuse of any information contained on this website or through the therapies and treatments given. A full consultation is always carried out with every client and this ensures the treatments are safe and suited to each individuals needs and requirements. 

Treatments are available to all people.  If a minor seeks to receive a treatment, then a parent or guardian will need to be present with the minor during the consultation and treatment process. A minor is an individual under the age of 16. 

Complementary Therapies are not intended to replace medical guidance from a doctor or any other medically qualified health care professional who a client or potential client may be under the care of. Clients will always be encouraged to contact their GP for help and advice if there are any health problems, questions or queries about their current state of health or the treatment or care they currently receive. 

Complementary Therapies do not claim to offer a cure for any medical condition/s or serious illnesses. 

They are intended to complement the orthodox healthcare approach. 

Links to external websites are for interest and educational purposes only. Any content of any external website links that are shared on this site are the responsibility of the website owner/s of that site.

May everybody be blessed with Health and Happiness in 2017 and beyond.......

Thank You for reading and I look forward to meeting you at your first appointment.

Karlyn Adams

Complementary & Holistic Therapist HDipCT (VTCT)