Karlyn Adams

     Complementary &

          Holistic Therapist

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About The Therapist

Hello & Welcome to my Site

My name is Karlyn and I am a fully qualified and insured Complementary & Holistic Therapist. 

I am totally passionate about, devoted in and committed to continuously learning and practising the ancient healing arts and other alternative holistic therapies. I love delivering the treatments for people, sharing my own personal style and grace with each and every special soul I am lucky enough to meet. 

What is truly inspiring and heart-warming to me as a therapist is the amazing positive results that therapists all over the world are helping their clients to achieve every day. I am grateful and honoured to be apart of this very special and rewarding work. 

Why book a Treatment with me?

I practice from my intuition and my heart so no treatment is ever the same. They are as beautiful, unique and individual as each and everyone of us are. 

My treatments are aimed at helping my clients to reduce and eliminate stress and or pain from the body, to encourage complete relaxation, to help re balance and re-focus the mind body and soul. Every treatment is tailored to each individuals needs and are suitable for helping all people including children accompanied by an adult. 

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"Spread the love everywhere you go. 

Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier"

                                                                                                   - Mother Teresa -